Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Fashion Thrift Shop Dress Revamp / Recycle Clothing Project


So I am starting to feel like normal now. I caught a cold and felt like the walking dead for the last two weeks. I had recorded the first half of this video right before I got sick and it took me this long to finally get pictures taken for it, sadness. I wanted the hubby to help me with this one because I had a location in mind that would have complimented it beautifully. But he bailed out on me, I should have known better to have even asked for help, sadness again.

Slightly Veronica Lake...?

Finally able to post this I initially showed this dress on a haul video a few uploads {You Tube} ago. I had plans for it to become a skirt. It was just too much as a dress, very Victorian and stuffy. More then anything the color was too close to my hair color and I felt like a blond blob. SO I took scissors to it and documented the revamp in the following video for you.

Measure before you cut. Simply laying the fabric down and cutting both sides at the same time = a BIG No NO. The material will slide as you cut and it will not come out even. Speaking from experience here

One more thing to consider. My dress had an elastic waist band already, so I kept it. I still have to pull it on over my head just as I would have if I kept it in dress form. You may need to add elastic to create a waist or a zipper. Think  about it before you cut it.




As for the video details. The coat is vintage I have had it for 10+ years. I found it in a Sacramento Thrift shop for $10. Every time I wear it I get compliments or looks. One time some lady tried to buy it off of my back! No Joke. Added a brown tank, lifted the skirt to make it high waisted. Shoes, are from Charlotte Russe and they are actually a couple years old! Not bad. Purse is a thrift-ed find. Watches where my grandmothers. 

The camera was my grandfathers. He was a photographer for the army. This was one of his cameras I found in a survival backpack that was in a shed. At the time I was in high school and to find a survival backpack, I had no concept what it really was. What he lived through. I kept the camera and the alarm clock you see in one of my other videos. I also have masses of black & white photos from him, of everything. My Grandmother, Father as a baby. places in France and Germany, everything you can imagine. It really blows my mind to sit here and think about the fact that I have become so enamored with photography as of late. What I could have learned from him if he where still around, amazing. The camera smells like leather when I lift it to my face and reminded me of him every shot I took. 

Yes look at the duality of it, taking a picture of myself taking a picture... .. .

Enough rambling on until next time my friends,


P.S. &&& to those boys who thought they where cheeky playing football right where I was shooting! Thanks A lot... 

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