Monday, January 30, 2012


My quest for all things Geoffrey Rush moves forward with Lantana. 

A wise Rusie commented one time that these blog post's are a Rushie's P.O.V {point of view} and I agree. Its quickly becoming a study of the man's performances and his face, pushing the RushOlogy Study forward.

By no means am I the ultimate Rushie because I have met more dedicated ones. 
Also by no means are these blog posts meant to be hard driven reviews of his work. They are just my musing's and they make me happy to ramble on about. 

When I first watched Lantana I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who did what and what happened.  

Mr. Rush does not have a lot of action in this movie, but I still managed to get quite of few pictures from him. 

With A LOT of his work under my belt I have noticed a couple of things about him.

In "almost" all of his movies the man is either dying or having sex. 
His list of conquests in the bed out weigh a lot of hot male actors now a days!
Believe it or not.


He really does have a cute butt, sorry Mr. Rush - I'm Just Saying!


The reason for this post is to point out the freckles on his back. Not her face so much.


 So I leave you with that and I will move on to the next film.

I'll close this with a small shout out for all of my fellow Rushies at The Geoffrey Rush Fan Club.
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