Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY - Jewelry Box

{ This is what it looked like before the stain. }

Got an old jewelry box laying around? Let do something with it!


An Old Jewelry Box, for this project I used one I found at the thrift shop.

Wood Satin: Find a color you like at Lowe's, Home Depot.   

Sand Paper: Fine grain find at Lowe's, Home Depot.
Sponge Tip Paint Brush: One for the stain, one for the decoupage. 

News Paper: Use lots to keep your work area tidy.
Decoupage Medium: Find at Joannes, Michaels or craft and hobby stores.

A Pencil & Popsicle Stick: A pencil can help you mark the place where you want to place your picture. A Popsicle stick can help flatten then picture the first round, to avoid air bubble underneath.


Picture of Your Choice: I printed my picture out, if  you do this I suggest multiple layers of thin coats a top the photo. This will keep the ink from running. Test run a photo before you do the project to see if you can pull it off. I did about 6-7 thin layers on my letting them dry for a while in between. You can also use fabric, magazine clippings, etc.


Do this project when you have plenty of spare time.
Do this outside -no exceptions-
News Paper is your friend.
Don't want to use stain, try painting it or use spray paint. 
Tape: Use if you want to protect the hardware of the jewelry box. Put tape where you do not want paint. 

Catch ya later...