Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fox Finds - Cute Summer Shoes

Anytime I am out and about foraging for deals and I find something = A Fox Find 

I found these cute summer flats in Sam's Club [of all the places] for a whopping $12. I quickly swooped them up. Kind of a Toms's / Espadrille mix, they are super comfortable & a must have for summertime. 

Now in order to actually get into Sam's club you must be a member, you can sign up but it costs $$$. I would suggest asking a family member or friend to go in with you.

Also try these on they do not run true to size, I normally wear an eight but went with a seven.

Until we meet again my friends

Happy Hunting,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monthly Favorites - Fox Tales

I mentioned that I tried the "one month free offer" and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is there a HUGE selection of movies but you will also find stand up comedies, documentaries, full seasons of TV shows, etc. I even came across Short Circuit an old 80's throwback movie that I watched when I was younger. I was also surpised with how much ANIME was actually on there. We are talking full series here too. For Example: Inuyasha - 170 Episodes!
 So for the last couple months I have been watching an ANIME series a week, just about. I think I will continue this and talk about one every month. MAY'S FAV = Samurai 7
 {Which I talked about a couple of Blogs prior to this one}

RIO: Any bird lover MUST see this movie! I think the animators did a really good job in making the character's come to life. The birds move in realistic ways and are full or personality. 
{Bird owners know that their BIRDs are Full of Personality}
There are a couple of musical parts 
{Will I Am - Hello Pea Pod's} 
 but they are quick and very fun.
 A colorful and bright movie for kids this summer. I think younger kids would enjoy it more then older ones, and of course any bird lover would find it hard not to be charmed.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - STRANGER TIDES: If you LOVE these movies this will not disappoint. Gone are Kiera Knightly & Orlando Bloom but they make up for it with the amount of Jack Sparrow in this movie. Captain Barbosa makes quite a few appearances in this one too, and he and Sparrows screen times are the best. A definite Must See.

Alex & Me: Another bird related item on my favorites this month. I am about half way through this book and I LOVE it. It really makes you think twice about what are feathered friends are thinking. Being a bird lover myself I had to pick this book up when I read the inscription and started to tear up. Birdman says "Be a Good Bird" or "you be a good Bird" all the time. I had seen Alex on TV shows and had heard of him but I never realized how much he really did.

DSW Guess wedges made up for the trouble I had with the Chinese Laundry Laundry shoes. I have Never had a shoe fall apart on me like that, not even cheapo shoes. The shoe is in the background of my video which I linked in the info bar on You Tube.

Bath  & Body Works Lavender Vanilla oil is the best on of the bunch. i find some of the others are very strong smelling. I def recommend testing it on your skin before buying. Swipe some on your wrist then continue shopping if you  love the scent, then go back for it.

Watch the video for My May Fav's