Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fox Tales - April Fav's

Ok so it is that time of the month where I talk about what ever I am currently loving.

I took a trip to Las Vegas for the first time. Saw a Santana Concert and had a blast. Did some shopping too the followings is some of my fav's

Nordstrome's Rack store is like an outlet, all brands mixed in for discounted prices.

Here's one item that caught my eye.

Definitely the IT color this season, I am seeing it everywhere. This dress is so perfect by a brand called Lush, and at $19 I am Happy.

I made it back with $$$ to spare and headed to one of my local thrift shops where I found yet another treasure to add to my wardrobe =]

So the next thing I def want to talk about is Net Flics I am loving this! Mainly because of the boat load of Anime they have on there. I know cable will play Anime but its usually late at night and sporadic. I have not watched any in quite a long time. Now I have plenty to choose from. Started of with

Fruits Basket, which was super cute and funny. I cannot pick a favorite character here I LOVE them all in their own way. Slightly serious here and there but edging more on the humor side then anything. I found this a pleasure to watch and was surprised when the significant other [who does not like Anime] cracked up in the other room listening to an episode... .. ..

Birdy - Decoder, was very fast paced and full of action with lovable characters in the series. Always nice to see a girl kick some ass!
Samurai 7, IS my favorite of the month. Starts out with a good story and plot that moves along. A water priestess and her friends head into a busy town searching for Samurai to ward off evil robots attacking their village. The series starts off by introducing you to the 7 Samurai that will spark a revolution in their world. I found myself watching two or three episodes a night and picking out my favorites of the series. Chalk full of like-able characters there is someone for everyone to LOVE. Mine is

Strong, silent and brooding type was what caught my eye BUT once you see his skills as a master swordsman wielding two swords you cannot help but fall for him.

Strong silent types get me every time!

Watch the video for the full breakdown!

{ok so the part about my Anime obsession was cut off thanks to my lovely editing software! Anyhow I think I will talk more about this on next months favorites }