Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Collective Haul

So my vixens this fox is having a hard time managing her time! 

I want to get back into the groove of making vids and blog posts. Its just finding the time to pull it off! Lily has been giving me a run for the money and so has school. I am still playing catch  up with all my tests and hours. 

I decided to post a easier video to pull off and that a haul video, kind of a collective haul if you will. Just a way for me to share some of the goodies I have purchased as of late. These types of videos are far easier to post then a DIY project vid, so I am taking baby steps. Oh and it was hella long, I had to edit about five to ten mins out in the beginning because I ramble far too much. So all my thrift shop finds where not shown. But, they will probably make an appearance sometime or another, so no worries.

Enjoy the Collective Haul my vixens!


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