Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY Fashion Accessories - The Button Projects

 The Tools

Buttons: Find these guys super cheap at yard sales, swap meets and thrift shops. You can also head to your local fabric or craft store to find some interesting buttons. 

The Glue: E-6000 is a wonderful glue for projects. You will need to work fast with it and cap it once you are done. Glue sets up in about an hour or two, so you have a little bit of wiggle room to make any adjustments. The fumes are strong, use in well ventilated room or better yet outside. Glue will set permanently in about 24-48 hours - so give your project proper time to dry.

The Hardware: All found at your local craft or fabric store. Earring backs whether clip on or post, are dirt cheap. Usually a bag of 20-30 for about $2. The tack pins where sold in a bag as well for about the same price. The stretchy ring with flat face was the only hardware that cost me about $4.


Newspaper is your friend, lay it out on your working surface to avoid a mess. 

When you cut the loop off, close your eyes or better yet wear eye protection! I had pieces of buttons flying everywhere.

Metal Button? You can still use them, matter of fact one  of my "pins" is a metal button. You will just need to work it a bit more with the pliers to pop the loop on the back of the button off. 

Try one project at a time, until you are comfortable with the process.  

Allow proper time to dry, it would be awful to have your button fall off. 

Make them for friends & family!

 Check out the video for the full breakdown. 

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