Saturday, September 24, 2011

OOTD - Leopard Spots & Crocodile Scales

Shirt Forever 21 $14
Skinny Dress Pants Cuffed Target $25 
Shoes Simply Vera for Kohls $17 Clearance 
Purse Jessica Simpson $70-80 3 years old
Watch Fossil $100, LOVE bracelet Forever 21 $3
Cord Bracelet from H&M $4

I filmed this by myself, on the fly. 
Literally came home from work and grabbed the cameras and off I went. I have been driving around all week, all over town thinking about doing shots, here and there. The place I originally wanted to shot at was occupied, but I will try to make it there soon. I have found that natural light is what works best with my camera. Inside shots never get the clarity as outside ones do. I also wanted to share an Arizona sunset with you, as they are one of the most beautiful things about AZ. I love the wide open blue skies, just a few clouds will catch the light and give you gold and pinks. Truly Beautiful To Behold.

The Blouse
So at the moment this IS my favorite top every time I wear it people stare. 
 I try to keep it non-harlot looking by covering up the rest of the body. Even though its just the arm holes showing, the print makes it sexy. I love the dolman sleeves, and again the chiffon fabric. I have also worn this top tucked into a black pencil skirt as well = stunning.

The Pants 
I bought at Target last year, in reaction to being told leggings cannot be worn to work. These are a skinny pant made with dressier material. Truly a wardrobe work horse for me. Worn tucked into boots, with flats or rolled and cuffed.

The Shoes 
Where gifted to me from a family member that likes a good deal as much as me. They have a very subtle snake print that went well with the purse.

The Bag
Is from Jessica Simpson Collection. This girl GETS shoes & bags! They really ride the trends and come out with very stylish items. I bought this bag from Dillard's for $70-80 around three years ago. It has stood up to my ruff ways and come back into style this winter. Perusing the fashion magazines I have come across many pictures of crocodile bags.

The Watch
Bought from Fossil, the perfect intimation of a Michael Kors. Is holding up nicely to almost every day wear. The LOVE bracelet has tarnished to a lighter version of rose gold and I continue to wear it with the watch. The H&M bracelet is still one of my favorite.

And so my Friends I leave you with that, until next week.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 5 Things Keeping Me Happy

1. POTC Stranger Tides soundtrack is just the thing to "tide" me over until the movie is out to buy.

2. Coming across a TWIT Pic of Geoffrey Rush sitting on a bus reading a newspaper; he is down to earth. I ask myself the question of what would you say to him ... .. .?

3. LMFAO "I'm sexy and I know it" plays on my VEVO App on my phone - almost everyday...the vid is frickin hilarious!

4. Getting Inspired for Fall related DIY projects!

5. Scull & Crossbones is fastily becoming my signature nail design ;]

Hope everyone has a great weekend....I am thinking about what to post next cannot make up my mind DIY or OOTD?

Yr Friend,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day - Polka Dots & A Red Purse

Has anyone noticed here recently the sea of stripes that are taking over our stores? Prime example, walk into Forever 21 and you will see what I am talking about, STRIPES everywhere! Don't get me wrong I love a good stripe top - its a classic. But I am ready for a bit of a change up, inter Polka Dots. Supposedly they are making a come back this Fall, I've seen them popping up in magazines and runways. Imagine my excitement when I came across this top at Forver 21. Initially it was the chiffon material that caught my eye then the pattern & price sealed the deal. This is a transitional piece that I have dressed up with a black pencil skirt for work or dressed down with shorts.

As for the Purse / Satchel I found at Marshalls. Its from a brand called Vieta. I bought a dark royal blue one a couple of weeks ago. Fell in LOVE with it, refer to it as The Barbossa Purse. I saw the red one that same day and it haunted my thoughts, I went back and got it with some Birthday Cash. This red purse is The Jack Purse... .. . I feel my collection is complete now.

Shoes found at Marshalls as well. I showed them on a prior Haul Video too.

I leave you with the video to watch....

See you next week or so my friends,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 5 Things Keeping Me Happy

1. Captain Barbossa Obsession Continues - POTC 4 coming out to own SOON Oct 18, 2011!                                                                                                                                                                          
2. My Birth day this month 9/10/2011 = Shopping of course =]
3. My upgrade to HTC phone and Android Apps - LOVE / Current Ringtone Barbossa Laugh
4. Leopard top bought at F21 will show in future OOTD post... Probably
5. Candy Corn - OMG why is it Everywhere & its my Favorite Candy!?!?!

What arRRR yours ?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY Fashion - How to Cut a Tee-Shirt with Style

A Pirates Life for Me!

  • Tee shirt of your choice, old new, whatever. Hunt for sales on graphic tee’s or head to the thrift shop to save $$$.
  • Lace, color and design of your choice. I went with the cheapest I could find at $5 bucks a yard. I bought a whole yard with intentions of using it on future projects. But for this you could probably get away with using a half a yard.
  • Scissors, straight pins, needle & thread are they basics you will need too.
  • Also, I recommend using tailors chalk – it comes in handy when you’re doing a project w/o a pattern.

  • Do not cut the collar! it holds this project together. When cutting the lace shape out - move the shirt, otherwise you could accidentally cut the shirt.
  • Consider using a different material instead of lace, chiffon could look really chic. Or use another piece of material from an old shirt. Pick a patter that catches your eye – possibilities are endless.
  • Wear with a bandeau top for extra air conditioning & cool factor. Or try a tank top, or a tube top with a contrasting color for POP.
  •  I accidentally cut a bit of my collar, so I just went with it and cut out random small triangles from the collar and the sleeves to give it a "I've had this shirt forever" look.
  • Should your lace panel get a little baggy + a couple of  quick stitches to attach it to the back of the shirt.

See you in the next video!

Yr Friend,