Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY - Feather Earring

Time for another DIY project, this season hot trend popping up on the runways

{Feather Earrings}

Lets begin with the basic tools for this project;

Earring Hooks, in whatever metal you prefer. Find these [and crimps] at your local craft store, I bought mine at JoAnne's for like $1.50

End Crimps, used to basically pinch any material and hold in place. These have a convenient loop in which to add the earring hook or a chain through for a necklace.

Only other tools for this project is a pair of pliers [jewelry if you have] and a pair of scissors. And of course you will need feathers!

Finished Project.

Check out the walk through here:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fox Tales

So everyone on YT is doing monthly favorites.

Mostly beauty products and such. I was thinking about doing this and had no idea of what to call it. Something FOX related but I could not think of anything. I like being silly or cheeky about it so I asked my hubby and he came up with the name.

So my monthly favorites will be called Fox Tales, basically me "Tale-ing" you what my fav items are of the month. I will not only focus on fashion or beauty products I will share anything I am currently loving.

OPI Shatter polish is awesome, so far wearing good too. One warning you have to work fast with it because it starts to clump on the wand. Also its better to make random swipes or dashes then to paint like normal.

Hot like in the movies by OPI is the most opalescent, holographic color I own. In certain light it looks silver, then lilac then greenish! Oddly beautiful.

Johnsons Baby lotion in Honey Apple, for any of those ladies who like to smell good on the cheap. Very fruity fragrance!

Burts Bee's Almond Milk Hand Cream is wonderful, cures dish pan hands =]

Fav shoes of the month
Candies nude shoes bought at Kohls
Black Wedges bought a local boutique.

I LOVE black eyed peas and with a long commute to work everyday - these are my life savers!

All time fav book from Carmindy of "What not to wear" of course that is one of my fav shows. I love watching to see what Stacy is going to wear, then I wait for Carmindy because she is just so GORG! Just a beacon of positive influence and advice. I always marvel at her talent and her outfit choice. Def recommend both books...

Ok so if you are a devote follower of my YT videos you may have noticed a dog in the back ground. That is my rescue (from local Humane Society) American Pit Bull Terrier, Bella. Of course I had to have all pink accessories for her! I have three other dogs all boys [one other rescue too] I picked up the KONG leashes for her at Pet Smart...she got the leash, collar and harness. All superior quality that will last a long time. I also bought her the KONG stuffer [stuff with peanut butter or hot dogs] and the black bone, they are the only toys that have survived her determined chewing.

Thank goodness the only shoe she has chewed on is a pair of flip flops!

Check out the video for more details!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Will Find III

Third Good Will find

Color Block Black Dress

First off the sleeves are my favorite thing about this. I LOVE a good bat wing or dolman effect. The jersey material is another plus, super comfy. t The stripe breaks it up and makes it unique compared to other LBD's in my closet.
Necklace Target
Watch Target
Shoes Jessica Simpson

Good Will Finds II

Second Good Will Find
The Colorful Dress
The Bright pattern and colors caught my attention. I love these types of dresses during the hot summer months. There is something so carefree and laid back about them.

This is def a favorite in my wardrobe right now, and for $10 you cannot beat that!

Bag Target
Shoes Kohl s
Earrings Wet Seal {I LOVE these!}

Good WIll Outfit I

Recent Trip to Good Will lead to some AWESOME finds!

Here is my first find The Green Top

Meant as a beach cover up the crisp green and white combo caught my eye. Then I fell in Love with the sleeves and the cool gauzy material. A prefect summer must have at $5
Jean Shorts Pac Sun
Shoes Jessica Simpson
Evil Eye Necklace Target
2nd Necklace Gift
Bracelet Gift

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Fails

Hi Everyone,

So this week is going by fast! I had tried to upload the new vid on Sat last weekend but to no avail. Upload aborted due to unknown error! =/

Uploaded a 2nd time on Sunday and FAIL again. Re-booted the internet connection and uploaded again and it finally went threw the third time.

I have come to realize that all of those blogger's out there have it easy compared to YT Vlogers.

I would like to take this time to just say it can be a lot of work uploading a video once or twice a week. Not to mentioned the idea of the video because sometimes you can suffer from "Video Block" kind of like writers block. It can also have lots of technical issues that mess you up all the time. Like not enough memory for HD videos etc. I just want to give those YT up-loaders out there a little credit for what they do!

& Say Keep It Up!!!

So finally I will leave you with the
"third times the charm Haul"