Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Jewelry Re-purpose & Reconstruct With Distressed Denim Shorts

A quote came to my mind while working on this project and juggling the demands of a single parent. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and for a fashion-ista whose pocket book is bare. Ideas like this excite me.

This project was inspired by the necessity to have something new in your closet. A broken necklace and a pair of distressed cut off shorts. Two unlikely pieces come together and make a go to classic that’s fun for the last dog days of summer.

The actual process of the video is simple. Take a part an old piece of jewelry and attach it to a pair of denim cut offs. The tools you will need, thread, needle, scissors, minor sewing capabilities, pair of shorts and some old or broken jewelry, a little bit of creative time. The jewelry bits can be attached with ease, just a couple loops and your done. Now a word of advice, if your going to take the time to bling out your shorts, I would only wash them when necessary and by hand.

                Hat – Forever 21
Wide brim felt western style hat. I must admit the felt was a bit floppier then what I expected after ordering it online. However, a few days after hanging on my hat wall seemed to force the shape I coveted.

Kimono Blouse / Robe – Forever 21
Black with pastel flowers a totally 90’s theme placed on a flowy classic. If you’ve watched me for any length of time you know I love the flow. Certain fabrics, billowing cuts always make me swoon, and this particular top is not short on the dramatics.

Shorts – Rue 21
My local Rue has been getting visits from this fox by the boatload. Try not to dismiss this store entirely, most would consider it throw away fashion. But, some of us are content with just that, cheap and cheerful. These distressed shorts were on clearance for $5 a totally Fox Find.

Purse – Ross
An oldie but goldy, I have had this bag off and on in rotation for about a year.

Jewelry – A little here and there.
The necklace is a key reference to Pirates of the Caribbean, those who know whom it belongs to forever receive my adoration. The scull stacked rings are from H&M, while the pine cone ring is from Burlington Coat Factory. The spikes and chained bracelet is from Forever 21.

Shoes – Ross
The black suede shoe I keep grabbing when it comes to blogging / vlogging. I love the 90’s throw back of high socks but I’m not sure I can pull off thigh high ones without getting off putting stares.

W A T C H   M E   O N   Y O U T U B E 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dress Alteration Reconstruction | Outfit Of The Day OOTD New Grunge

First Outfit

Wide Brimmed Hat Forever 21 
Skull & Cross Bones -- Pac Sun
Leggin's -- Target {Leftover Maternity hence the high waist! }
Boots -  JCPenneys
Clutch -- GoodWill
3 Scull Ring -- Local Bourique
Rings -- Payless, H&M, Forever 21
Necklace -- Target Hair Accessories! 
Bracelet -- H&M { I think }

Second Outfit

Bowler Hat -- Love Couture
Cougar Crop Top -- Forever 21
Jean Shorts -- DIY Watch Here
Clutch -- Big N Beautiful Boutique
Teal Tights -- Forever 21
High Socks -- Wal-Mart
Black Wedges-- Guess found at Ross
Scull Ring -- Local Boutique
Bracelets -- Rue 21, Target Watch, Big N Beautiful Boutique 

W A T C H  M E  O N  Y O U T U B E

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Time Outfit Of The Day | Mint Blouse & DIY CutOff Jean Shorts

Just a simple outfit during the triple digit weather. 

Blouse - Old Navy.

 a version of the high / low trend that seems to be everywhere. Can I just say that I have worn this top non-stop since I got her? Sometimes Old Navy surprises me with pieces that are not only work horses in my wardrobe, but they also end up being a treasured piece. 

Jean Shorts DIY - GoodWill

. this is a DIY project I completed almost two years ago! Check out these videos to see how you can make your own and distress them.


HeadBand - Forever 21. 

I have worn this so many times I can honestly say it was well worth the $5 bucks or so I spent on it, and I will be truly devastated when it rips. 

Jewelry - H&M and Rue 21

The anchor ring and the chunky gold necklace are from Rue 21, recent purchases I might add. You may see a plethora of Rue 21 purchases from me since we have one in town and I always hit their clearance wall. 

The Gold Arrow necklace is from H&M, I have worn this a couple times here on You Tube, usually with the little smaller version it came with. Very chic piece.

The clutch is another H&M piece and I love how versatile it is, causal and dressy outfits seem to be effortless with this classy neutral. 

The wedges are from DSW - Guess, and I purchased them last year and they are still a summer fav for me. 

Check out the video for a visual of the entire outfit for effect lovelies!

See ya next time my foxy vixens! 

P.S. A special thanks to two of my dear friends for injected my blood with creativity. Kitty Katt and Gonzo. Love you my friends. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Style - OOTD Black High Low Dress & Violet Lips

So  I am attempting a comeback, everyone loves a comeback am I right? My life has been hectic to say the least with Lily and School. But there has been an added pressure applied to the mix, I'm doing my best to be that mom that has it all working smoothly. 

My creativity is trickling back into my soul. I did not realize how my life was getting me down, so much so that I lost interest in some of the things I really love doing. Namely You Tube and Blogging. But this fox is stronger then she thought...

And so I bring you an OOTD, or an outfit of the day. I filmed this on a humid Saturday before school, I hope you cannot see me sweating! Ha!

 The Hat: She's from Target at $14.99, its the perfect summer cover for someone with fair skin. The wide brim is actually stiff so you can tilt and tip it to a style that makes your heart content.

 The Lips: Revlon Violet Frenzy, is actually quite a dark purple. Very dramatic with platinm hair but I gotta say I love it. I never thought I could pull off purple lips! Although I think in person its much darker then on camera.

The Accessories: I must admit I went for a deco / Gatsby kinda feel to this style. But I kept it simple and fuss free, per a normal summer past time. The Necklaces are a mix from H&M and Forever 21. The gold and black cuff along with that beveled square watch are from Forever 21 as well. What can I say? I am an accessories girl!

The Dress: This is a first, I borrowed it from a dear friend. Its so perfect I want to buy it off of her but I doubt she will part with it! High / Low with the shear bottom that glides so beautifully through the air. This is the quintessential lil' black dress! It can easily be dressed up or down with just a couple of quick changes. She divulged that she found it at Ross for a whopping $8! 

Shoes: For the life of me I cannot remember if I got the at Ross or Marshalls, but this was a purchase from last year and they are still a favorite of mine. Wedges tend to be easier to walk in and these are just classy.

Thats it for me for now, try and stay cool ladies! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Collective Haul

So my vixens this fox is having a hard time managing her time! 

I want to get back into the groove of making vids and blog posts. Its just finding the time to pull it off! Lily has been giving me a run for the money and so has school. I am still playing catch  up with all my tests and hours. 

I decided to post a easier video to pull off and that a haul video, kind of a collective haul if you will. Just a way for me to share some of the goodies I have purchased as of late. These types of videos are far easier to post then a DIY project vid, so I am taking baby steps. Oh and it was hella long, I had to edit about five to ten mins out in the beginning because I ramble far too much. So all my thrift shop finds where not shown. But, they will probably make an appearance sometime or another, so no worries.

Enjoy the Collective Haul my vixens!


Also find me here for daily hunting:

Your Friend,


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY How To Make A Cat Toy

This is a fun and easy project to embark upon on a lazy weekend with a handful of close friends, or solo. Using things you may already have close at hand will get you through this project and your furry feline palm will be ever thankful.


Scraps of Material: I have a bag that is full to the brim of scraps, leftover from previous projects. This is the PURR-fect way to use them up. If you find yourself lacking in his department consider chopping up a couple of old tee-shirts or hit the thrift shops and scour the $1 racks for interesting prints.

Scissors, Fabric Chalk Thread & Needle: A good set of fabric cutting scissors will get you through this project and many others. Invest in a simple pair at your local thrift shop and vow to only use them for –cutting fabric. Fabric chalk can be used to draw out the shapes but I find it is not necessary, freestyle works just fine. If you do not trust your freestyle cutting skills, a white colored pencil or even a piece of bar soap will work in a pinch. Thread in a few shades, a good needle and some time is all you need. I used a whip-stich to sew the body and I definitely recommend that you make your stiches nice and secure. Especially on the eyes and ears, we do not want kitty to be able to take it apart during some overzealous play.

Batting: The actual stuffing of the project. You can find this in a fabric store and generally a big bag of it. More than what you may need for this project. To save cash consider using cut up pieces of your scrap fabric to stuff the toy with or even some cotton balls. 

Optional: Bells and catnip are fun things to add on if you’re feeling feisty.


I started with a four by four inch square for my mice, but you could go bigger or smaller.

Once you get a mouse or two under your belt, would it not be fun to switch up the design and come up with your own toy? A little bird or bat could be fun!
Consider textures and what your cat loves when you start making your mice. Some cats love rough textures, some love a good feather or even metal [ I used a leftover piece of zipper for a tail. ] Some love a good squeak; you can find squeakers at pet shops and put them inside your mouse for a bit of noise. A cat or two may enjoy that crunchy noise, so you can add some crumpled paper inside to get that effect.
Above all have fun making a little something for you beloved feline pal; they will love you back twice as much.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Collective Haul

The Title sums it up, a big ass collective haul from all the stores I went to during early March.