Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY Jewelry Re-purpose & Reconstruct With Distressed Denim Shorts

A quote came to my mind while working on this project and juggling the demands of a single parent. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and for a fashion-ista whose pocket book is bare. Ideas like this excite me.

This project was inspired by the necessity to have something new in your closet. A broken necklace and a pair of distressed cut off shorts. Two unlikely pieces come together and make a go to classic that’s fun for the last dog days of summer.

The actual process of the video is simple. Take a part an old piece of jewelry and attach it to a pair of denim cut offs. The tools you will need, thread, needle, scissors, minor sewing capabilities, pair of shorts and some old or broken jewelry, a little bit of creative time. The jewelry bits can be attached with ease, just a couple loops and your done. Now a word of advice, if your going to take the time to bling out your shorts, I would only wash them when necessary and by hand.

                Hat – Forever 21
Wide brim felt western style hat. I must admit the felt was a bit floppier then what I expected after ordering it online. However, a few days after hanging on my hat wall seemed to force the shape I coveted.

Kimono Blouse / Robe – Forever 21
Black with pastel flowers a totally 90’s theme placed on a flowy classic. If you’ve watched me for any length of time you know I love the flow. Certain fabrics, billowing cuts always make me swoon, and this particular top is not short on the dramatics.

Shorts – Rue 21
My local Rue has been getting visits from this fox by the boatload. Try not to dismiss this store entirely, most would consider it throw away fashion. But, some of us are content with just that, cheap and cheerful. These distressed shorts were on clearance for $5 a totally Fox Find.

Purse – Ross
An oldie but goldy, I have had this bag off and on in rotation for about a year.

Jewelry – A little here and there.
The necklace is a key reference to Pirates of the Caribbean, those who know whom it belongs to forever receive my adoration. The scull stacked rings are from H&M, while the pine cone ring is from Burlington Coat Factory. The spikes and chained bracelet is from Forever 21.

Shoes – Ross
The black suede shoe I keep grabbing when it comes to blogging / vlogging. I love the 90’s throw back of high socks but I’m not sure I can pull off thigh high ones without getting off putting stares.

W A T C H   M E   O N   Y O U T U B E 

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