Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Style - OOTD Black High Low Dress & Violet Lips

So  I am attempting a comeback, everyone loves a comeback am I right? My life has been hectic to say the least with Lily and School. But there has been an added pressure applied to the mix, I'm doing my best to be that mom that has it all working smoothly. 

My creativity is trickling back into my soul. I did not realize how my life was getting me down, so much so that I lost interest in some of the things I really love doing. Namely You Tube and Blogging. But this fox is stronger then she thought...

And so I bring you an OOTD, or an outfit of the day. I filmed this on a humid Saturday before school, I hope you cannot see me sweating! Ha!

 The Hat: She's from Target at $14.99, its the perfect summer cover for someone with fair skin. The wide brim is actually stiff so you can tilt and tip it to a style that makes your heart content.

 The Lips: Revlon Violet Frenzy, is actually quite a dark purple. Very dramatic with platinm hair but I gotta say I love it. I never thought I could pull off purple lips! Although I think in person its much darker then on camera.

The Accessories: I must admit I went for a deco / Gatsby kinda feel to this style. But I kept it simple and fuss free, per a normal summer past time. The Necklaces are a mix from H&M and Forever 21. The gold and black cuff along with that beveled square watch are from Forever 21 as well. What can I say? I am an accessories girl!

The Dress: This is a first, I borrowed it from a dear friend. Its so perfect I want to buy it off of her but I doubt she will part with it! High / Low with the shear bottom that glides so beautifully through the air. This is the quintessential lil' black dress! It can easily be dressed up or down with just a couple of quick changes. She divulged that she found it at Ross for a whopping $8! 

Shoes: For the life of me I cannot remember if I got the at Ross or Marshalls, but this was a purchase from last year and they are still a favorite of mine. Wedges tend to be easier to walk in and these are just classy.

Thats it for me for now, try and stay cool ladies!