Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Pirate Halloween Costume

Thrifted shirt for a $1 at local Salvation Army. This shirt started out white, I decided it was too stark for the costume. Enter 1st dyeing experience ever! I found some dye at my local fabric and craft store, JoAnns. I had never heard of the fabric dye Dylon but I decided to give it a shot. It was $2.99 for the packet, and it worked perfectly. I have to admit it was flipping FUN dyeing the shirt.

2 yards of a polyester material found in the clearance rack for $5 at the fabric store became the pirate sash. Basically you wrap it up and then around the waist. I did distress mine on the ends a little bit, polyester rips nicely but don't even think about dyeing it! I learned the hard way, I tried to dye it even though the packet said not recommended for poly = FAIL.  It does not hold the color of the dye, you need a particular dye apparently for poly. I wanted to try it because I had a poly dress that I was debating dyeing too. Better to mess up the sash then the dress I figured... .. .

The belt I had purchased from Target a while back for $3 just because it was too cool. The ring I believe I found at F21 and I have had it for a while. The Necklace was my grandfathers and I have held on to it because it was his and a unique piece.

My Grandmother made this for my Father. I have held onto it forever and decided it would be the inspiration & anchor piece for the pirate costume. Brown corduroy with felt details and completely lined, dam my Grandmother was GOOD! I learned how to sew from her by the way... ..

Ah my favorite H&M harem pants.I have had these for about a year or so. I think I spent $10 on them an I LOVE em' so much. Easy to dress up or down and the perfect slouchy pirate pants!

So I must admit I was inspired by my favorite pirate Captain Barbossa, I tried to echo certain things about his attire. The hat proved to be a hard find in my town but I wanted to get it as close to his hat as possible. Geoffrey Rush said that he did not "Feel" like Barbossa until he put the hat on - so yes this piece was important to me. Finally came across a Scare Crow hat and messed around with it to find that it could easily be molded into a pirate hat. Then I went into JoAnns again for a couple of feathers to add on top. The hat was $5 and the feathers where $2-3 each.

The Sword is the only thing that is actually from Pirates of the Caribbean. It has a stick on it with a scull & cross bones and that is pretty much it BUT when I saw it I was like I have to have that! I figured I was using things I already had for the costume and this was the one thng I would spend the most $$$ on. It cost $14.
The Gun is a cheapo Wal-Mart Safety Orange pirate pistol that I bought for a whopping three dollars. I have to admit I had a lot of fun painting it! I just used some craft paint I already had. I had no brown paint in my collection so I ended up mixing green, red and orange to get the right dark brown. I had a gold paint that I mixed some of the brown in to get that nice bronze color. Finished off with a touch of silver nail polish here and there for highlights. 

Bought from Payless about 5+ years ago. Held onto them for so long because they are so confortable. The wedge heel makes them easy to walk in and the fur is very much in right now but not what I need for this outfit. I simply rolled the fur down and into the boot. 

I believe its hard to see the makeup in the video but I thought I would add it to the details here. First thing I did was pull out the ol' Elmer's Gluey, grab some pieces of tissue and begin on adding some scars and texture to my face. Take the Elmer's Glue add a bit of water and mix, wad and bunch little pieces of tissue and basically apply them to your face where ever you want. Word of advice, watch the placement of scars, if you add one where your skin moves a lot or will catch on something it will start to fall off. I ran the scar along my eye and over my eyebrow and it stayed until I was ready to remove it. To remove simply peel off carefully , like a band aid. Be careful around the eye area!

 I added some bronzer to old foundation to give me a bit more of a tan & applied that in about two layers making sure to go over the scars carefully so they blended in. The foundation will cover up the whiteness of the tissue paper just fine.

I also used an the old foundation and several eye shawdows to give me that Dirty Look. I scrapped Brown, Grey and Green eyeshadow [separately] and added them to a little bit of the foundation and mixed. Wah-La instant face paint from stuff you already have!

{Can I just Say - I LOVE my Shadow! It took on its own persona & reminds me of a certain pirate, Guess he was there in spirit...}

Well there you have it my submission for the DIY costume for Halloween 2011! I did not want to do the typical "Dirty Pirate Hooker" costume that has become the norm. I wanted to look like I walked off of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean. Had I had more cash and time I would have went all out Barbossa, but a las I have no friends in the movie make up industry [sadness] I mean I really would go all out! Nose, beard swagger, everything!

Anyhow I seriously had a blast making the costume. From dyeing the shirt to painting the gun and finally finding the hat. It really was an experience that I relished. I am so ready to work on a movie set in the wardrobe or props department. Someone from POTC, have your people call my people!

Until next time my friends, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween 2011!

Your Friend,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thrift Haul & Tips on How To Thrift Shop

Recently, I went to my local Salvation Army Store and they had their 50% off of everything in the store sale... .. .


I was asked by YT viewers, what are your tips for thrift shopping?  I decided to upload my haul video and throw in a few tips.

Tips on Thrift Shopping

1. Dress simply and light, leggings, tank and some flip flops is ideal. You don't want to be in the dressing room struggling with boots, jeans, a necklace & earrings do ya?

2. Take a small cross body bag / purse with just the essentials in it. Cash, card, ID and car keys.

3. Always go with plenty of time to spare 2-3 hours is ideal. You need time to hunt, and time to try things on. Don't go with someone who is inpatient.

4. Eat a light meal to give your some energy vs. a heavy breakfast or lunch. The Food Baby effect can be discouraging & make it hard to gauge what really fits.

5. Grab a basket - the hand held ones, take that and drop it on the floor next to your feet and dig into the racks

6. Keep a list of items you want or write them down. I want more blazers, pants, skirts, more purse's, etc.

7. Keep your eye open for your favorite colors or patterns. A lot of times its the color or the fabric pattern that catches my eye. What trends are you loving right now? That's a good question to ask yourself when searching.

8. Try it on, think outside of the box. If a skirt is too long you can hem it to make it more modern. Pants to short? They can become walking shorts or Capri shorts with a snip of the scissors. Add a belt, roll up the sleeves - Be Creative & Resourceful!

9. Take care of your treasures, I definitely recommend gentle cycle on the washer, a mild detergent and hang dry. The dryer fades colors, shrinks and damages fabric over time. If need be wash the items separately or with like colors. Anything super saturated with color should be turned inside out, we are talking about you Dark Wash Denim Jeans!

There you have it, those are my thrift shopping tips. 
Thrifting saves you money, re-uses already made materials, and allows you to be unique compared to the average girl covered in, H&M from head to toe. 

Check the video out and let me know what your thrift shopping tips are?

Until next time,


*I spent $16 dollars on everything purchased in the video

Outfit of the Day Post

Top & High waist-ed shorts bought at Pac Sun during their clearance sale, buy one get one free! 
Spent $20 for both items... .. .

Found the necklace at a local boutique for $2. Never be afraid to pop in a local store you never know what you will find. plus your supporting your local economy.

Boots found at Marshall's for a whopping $25!
 I LOVE them they look more expensive in person. Matter of fact when I was standing in line to buy them, a lady asked me where I found them in the store! She said they where gorgeous & she is so right.  I love the color a darker brown, but what really drew me to them was the gold buttons.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modern Pirate

Inspiration is what moves me, keeps me going. Lately my mind has only one thing on it... .. . 

I would think its obvious to someone who took the time to listen.

The Coat 
It's one of a kind. My father wanted to be a Pirate for Halloween one year when he was in high school. My Grandmother, being the seamstress whipped up the coolest costume for him. He won best dressed - I'd imagine, that Halloween.  The Pirate Coat then rested in a coat closet for years, until I came across it. I have held on to it for many years myself and finally decided to dust it off. This is one of the things I never got rid off during closet revamps & purges. It has too much sentimental value for me. So there you have it, its one of a kind, homemade, handcrafted & dare I say Vintage.

The Shoes
I bought about a year ago from Charlotte Russe for around $25. They where vintage inspired for sure. That's what caught my eye.

The Braclets
A mad mix of a Target Watch and tons of random bracelets piled on seems to be very in style & Pirate-y too me.

The Pants n Top
Well its the same Target black skinny pants making another appearance. Added a black tank to keep everything minimal and sleek.

So my friends I leave you with the latest YT vid to add to my collection. I know this "outfit" may not be the most wearable I have done but I felt that the Pirate Coat needed to be known. 

Until next time!


P.S. Yes, those are Captain Barbossa quotes... .. .