Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY How To Make A Cat Toy

This is a fun and easy project to embark upon on a lazy weekend with a handful of close friends, or solo. Using things you may already have close at hand will get you through this project and your furry feline palm will be ever thankful.


Scraps of Material: I have a bag that is full to the brim of scraps, leftover from previous projects. This is the PURR-fect way to use them up. If you find yourself lacking in his department consider chopping up a couple of old tee-shirts or hit the thrift shops and scour the $1 racks for interesting prints.

Scissors, Fabric Chalk Thread & Needle: A good set of fabric cutting scissors will get you through this project and many others. Invest in a simple pair at your local thrift shop and vow to only use them for –cutting fabric. Fabric chalk can be used to draw out the shapes but I find it is not necessary, freestyle works just fine. If you do not trust your freestyle cutting skills, a white colored pencil or even a piece of bar soap will work in a pinch. Thread in a few shades, a good needle and some time is all you need. I used a whip-stich to sew the body and I definitely recommend that you make your stiches nice and secure. Especially on the eyes and ears, we do not want kitty to be able to take it apart during some overzealous play.

Batting: The actual stuffing of the project. You can find this in a fabric store and generally a big bag of it. More than what you may need for this project. To save cash consider using cut up pieces of your scrap fabric to stuff the toy with or even some cotton balls. 

Optional: Bells and catnip are fun things to add on if you’re feeling feisty.


I started with a four by four inch square for my mice, but you could go bigger or smaller.

Once you get a mouse or two under your belt, would it not be fun to switch up the design and come up with your own toy? A little bird or bat could be fun!
Consider textures and what your cat loves when you start making your mice. Some cats love rough textures, some love a good feather or even metal [ I used a leftover piece of zipper for a tail. ] Some love a good squeak; you can find squeakers at pet shops and put them inside your mouse for a bit of noise. A cat or two may enjoy that crunchy noise, so you can add some crumpled paper inside to get that effect.
Above all have fun making a little something for you beloved feline pal; they will love you back twice as much.