Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY Fashion - How to Cut a Tee-Shirt with Style

A Pirates Life for Me!

  • Tee shirt of your choice, old new, whatever. Hunt for sales on graphic tee’s or head to the thrift shop to save $$$.
  • Lace, color and design of your choice. I went with the cheapest I could find at $5 bucks a yard. I bought a whole yard with intentions of using it on future projects. But for this you could probably get away with using a half a yard.
  • Scissors, straight pins, needle & thread are they basics you will need too.
  • Also, I recommend using tailors chalk – it comes in handy when you’re doing a project w/o a pattern.

  • Do not cut the collar! it holds this project together. When cutting the lace shape out - move the shirt, otherwise you could accidentally cut the shirt.
  • Consider using a different material instead of lace, chiffon could look really chic. Or use another piece of material from an old shirt. Pick a patter that catches your eye – possibilities are endless.
  • Wear with a bandeau top for extra air conditioning & cool factor. Or try a tank top, or a tube top with a contrasting color for POP.
  •  I accidentally cut a bit of my collar, so I just went with it and cut out random small triangles from the collar and the sleeves to give it a "I've had this shirt forever" look.
  • Should your lace panel get a little baggy + a couple of  quick stitches to attach it to the back of the shirt.

See you in the next video!

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