Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Thrift Store Haul & Styling Video

Goodwill has dollar days which are days where certain tags colors are a buck. This means its packed and you got to dive in. Plan on spending a couple hours too! I spent $50 on all of the things I got, some items where regular price and some where $1. You know how it goes all the cute stuff is regular price - not that that's too bad in a Goodwill.  So I leave you with the video for now.

FYI I have FaceBook and have been more active on it vs. Twitter as of late. Matter of fact I posted a quick OOTD shot on FaceBook I mean FoxBook  today for one of the dress's.
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Now A Warning:
As of late my computer has been frustratingly temperamental. Its been getting slower and freezing a lot! Its 5 or so years old and its time to get a new one but that won't be anytime soon. I could be looking at simpler projects that are quick to get uploaded with minimal editing OR not being able to get anything up. So if you see a break in my activity - now you know why.

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