Sunday, February 26, 2012


Glad I am not the only one to sing along to songs in my car :]
Geoffrey Rush's Donovan Donaly


Can I just say the house that belongs to Rush's character is GORGEOUS! Everything the tiles, furniture...  .. .

Hand Shot, because they are HandSome


Even though Mr. Rush is only in this film for a very few short segments, he is flippin hilarious! His facial expression are off the charts funny. I actually watched Jim Carry's The Mask the other day, then I got these pictures ready. I realized that Mr. Rush could have easily pulled off that movie.



Rush Sandals



Actually wearing a wedding band...


 In this scene he curses up a storm, and I got to say I LOVE hearing him say bad words, its hilarious. I replayed that scene over and over, literally laughing out loud.


 Blog IS NOT complete with out vain butt shot picture posted.


 That beard reminds me of someone... .. .

 Foot Shot = Foot Fetish

 Since this is such a short post I will pick this review to talk about something I have noticed about our dear Mr. Rush. Lets call it the... .. .

"Trifecta Of Rush"

He has a tendency to say things three times, for effect.


"Yeah Yeah Yeah" Casanova Frankenstein - Mystery Men

"No No No" Harold Fingleton- Swimming Upstream

I have also heard him say 

"Yes Yes Yes & No No No" As I watch these movies again for the umpteenth time I will come back and add to this blog post. Because I know they are there.

Until Next Time My Rushies,


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