Friday, February 24, 2012

For The Love Of A Pirate ~ I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

{Hat Wal-Mart, Sweater Old Navy, Jeans Target, Shoes Fergalicious by Fergie, Clutch Rue 21}

This is definitely a project I wish I would have gotten up a lot earlier. I know its still cold out there in certain parts of the world so here you go!

First off this a quick way to personalize your wardrobe. Breath new life into an old sweater with ease.
Inspiration: What or whom do you love right now? {A Pirate} 
Do you have a favorite saying?
It can be anything like "WTF" or a funny quote, anything you want.
Be creative & have FUN... .. .
A Sweater: Mines a cropped waffle knit, I found at Old Navy this year. Search thrift shops and other stores for the perfect sweater. The only thing I'd say avoid a heavy cable knit with like braids or cording wherever you are going to personalize. Could get in the way.
Yarn: Your choice of color, contrast is best. Find at the fabric or craft store for a couple of bucks.
Scissors & Tape measure: Tape measure is very  important, you need to count how many letters are in your particular statement. "Barbossa" has 8 letters. I measured out "8" 2 1/2 inch spaces and marked where every letter should begin and end.  Use some tailors chalk or a pencil to make your marks. You can free style BUT make sure you will have enough room to be creative!
Needle with a large enough eye or hole that yarn can pass through. Mines a tapestry needle which I found next to the knitting needles and yarn.
Time: About an hour to do mine.

Do not pull on the yarn to hard, it will cause the sweater to bind up.
For straight lines you can make your stitch bigger, but for curves keep it smaller. Its easier to get a nice curve. If you make a mistake, and your needle is easily pulled back out-do so. I did a couple of times when I did not like the angle. 
If you are going to take the time to do this to a sweater also take the time to hand wash it!
Be careful when you put your sweater on, if your finger or hand catches the yarn on the inside it can pull.
If the yarn gets Gap-y or squirrely, thread a normal needle and add a couple stitches to keep it where you want it.
That's it for this project ~ Catch ya later,


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