Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfit Of The Day - Cape Coat & Mens Dress Shirt

Cape Coat, Found this gem at Forever 21 for about $32 ladies! Better get it while its hot! Its by Yoki one of those designers collaboration that Forever 21 is doing a lot of here lately. I did not have a navy blue jacket & this one has a touch a drama to it, which I like.

Shirt, blue button down borrowed form the boys. I think their is nothing sexier then wearing your mans shirt.

Leggings are from Forever 21 last year. just basic black you can find anywhere. I find I wear a lot of leggings in the winter! 

Boots are from Target and I have had these for about 2-3 years now. They are running strong still. I really like the low wedge heel. They kind of has that vintage or old school feel to them.

Watch is from Target last year. 
 Rings, snake one is from America Eagle Outfitters. Silver stud one if from forever 21 recently.
 Necklace is from Target, last year.
Black stud belt & black bag are both Thrifted.

Location details, filmed at the park yet again. this time it was much warmer then the last time I filmed. I figured that Sunday morning there would be minimal people. I was right, but then this happened. There is a bike path behind me, an older gentleman rode his bike off of the path and asked if I would like him to take pictures for me. I said no thanks, only because I could visualize him grabbing my $600 camera and taking off! You know people will do that! Can you see me chasing after an old man on a bike because I WOULD!
Generally I avoid people with cameras and camcorders and for that matter I am not the type of person to walk over to someone and bug them. 

Also I will take the time to vent here a bit. 
I would like to throw the Bullshit Flag down on all of the girls who are uploading videos with ext-ream professional help. Their videos are borderline commercials, I know you know who I am talking about here. You can tell the difference when someone has professional help filming. Also do you really think that THAT girl edited her own videos?  

Just FYI I film, edit and upload my own videos. Its just me, my camera, laptop & soft wear posting way.

Until next time my friends,

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