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Sometimes this Blog will go off in another direction – in the direction of what ever I am interested in…

I will begin with the simple fact that I was trying to keep my Pirates Of The Caribbean under control. I know everyone LOVES Jack Sparrow, but for me someone else caught my eye. Focusing on Captain Barbossa, my curiosity got the better of me. Curiosity killed the Fox? I began wondering who is this man who brings my beloved Barbossa to life? You Tube searches for Geoffrey Rush lead me to video tributes, full of pictures from movies and theater, of the man. One video had a picture of Rush from Les Miserables in the black hat, I commented on the video. Please tell me what movie that’s from! No response. I googled Rush instead, found that wonderful web site “the many hats of Geoffrey Rush”

Les Miserables was the movie I had to see. Little did I know that Rush was one of the few actors that had a Triple Crown of Acting, under his belt {An Academy Award, Tony Award, Emmy Award & numerous others I could fill this entire Blog with!}

Cash in hand I head to my local video store with a list of Rush movies. Scrambling down the unorganized isles of this store to only find a couple of options, Elizabeth and Les Miserables. I felt like I would have a hard time trying to find Les Miserables if I did not grab it now. So that would be my first purchase of curiosity.

I had never seen the play in the theater nor did I read the book. I went in full naïve only to recognize the movie after the first thirty minuets. I had a friend in high school that loved Les Miserables, I remember her having a pin on her back pack of the Les Miserables Girls face. I also realized she let me barrow this movie back in the day; she had been crushing on Marius of course.

The first time I watched the movie the one thing that stuck out in my mind was “Whoa did he just slap Uma Thurman!” I could not believe it. Rush’s Inspector Javert comes across as a complex man. I would describe him like this; stern, stoic and haughty & the law is his religion – his driving force.

I do like Liam Neeson, a lot. It was nice to see him in this movie too. But Rush stole my attention. I am amazed at how well he always mesh’s with his co-stars, he’s always the Yin to their Yang. You cannot have the one with out the other, truly the best example of a supporting actor.

I do question the directors camera angles at times, Rush is 6’0 and Neeson is 6’4 but seems to tower over him at some points.

Did anyone notice  that Rush hardly blinks, he is so intense in this movie.

Favorite line from the movie; I love the part where Captain Beauvais is telling the mayor, Liam Neeson. That the new police inspector is here to report, Neeson says tell him him does not need to. Captain Beauvais says “But Monsieur le Maire, if you don’t permit the inspector to report, I think he will burst into tears!” The idea of Javert doing this is hilarious – because he is so serious.

My other favorite part is not exactly a pleasant part of the movie. Javert finds out that Neeson is who he thought he was and goes into primal rage mode. Confronts Neeson and Thurman with the ferocity of a wolverine. He blows up in Neesons face and says “Speak up, people don’t mumble when they speak to me!” & “ Are you joking, do you think that I am that stupid, I think you do” Rush delivers these lines & part so ferociously I do not think I could have responded to him if I where in Liam Neeson’s shoes. He literally acts him out of the universe in that moment....

Noticing some similarities of Javert to Barbossa? A couple of times in the movie Javert yells or barks an order and all I can see and hear is Barbossa. Rush will stand there and cross his arms high on his chest, very Barbaossa-esque. The hat he wears in the beginning of the movie, very similar to that Barbossa is sporting as a privateer in POTC4. Baldric sword / gun belt seems to be an accessory both like. Long coat, why can’t men wear these anymore? I love a man who can pull off a trench or pea coat. They are not practical in my neck of the woods, sadly.

Did anyone notice that Rush seems to just kind of fall off of that horse? The man has some long legs you would think he’d have no problem.

These pictures are screen shots I took while watching the movie. I was trying to get good shots of him that where not the usual ones you see on the all of the other generic reviews. During this I stumbled across this: Liam Neeson smashes Inspetor Javerts face into the wall he slowly slides down and falls into a heap. At that point, try rewinding in slow motion to see Rush smash his face & slide up the wall. It’s pretty funny! Sorry Rush.

After I watched the movie, the 1st time. I found out that many people gave it bad reviews. Saying it was nothing like the book or the play. That Liam Neeson’s character was way off from what he should have been, etc. I have nothing to compare it to, nor did I go the extra step to read the book or see the play. All I can say is I think it stands on its own. All of the actors did a wonderful job if you ask me.

Oh, I did see Twitter blowing up Les Miserables. They are doing a remake of this movie. Apparently Rush will be Mr. Thenardiers the owner of the bar and care taker of Cosette. I am excited that that he agreed to play a part in this, but it is not my favorite character. This re-make has a stellar cast and should do well.

***Correction: Geoffrey will not be playing Thenardiers, I am disappointed because any Rush is better then no Rush at all. They cast someone else - I am not even going to comment about THAT.


Hmmm to see Rush in a play – that would be NICE. I have heard he is completely different from what we see in the movies.

Until next time – Your Rush Obsessed friend,

P.S. I think this may be a long running series on here, yes it might be. He a-MUSE's me...



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