Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos


 Is a holiday that is celebrated though out the world by many different cultures. It is a time for families and friends to gather and remember their lost loved ones.

How do we do it?
BIG, we begin by preparing food earning the morning of November 2nd. The kitchen is suddenly full of foods being prepared and dropped off. Posole, Menudo, Chili and Frila [Potatoes / Bacon Soup] fill our list of comfort foods. All of the food is usually done by mid afternoon.

Then we all head out the cemetery to put out luminarios. We do it old school with a paper bag filled with a bit of sand on the bottom, and then we add a single white candle. We place about 100+ luminaries on grave sites of loved ones and friends throughout the cemetery. Once the sun starts to set we light the candles.

*notice the beer?

This time of year it’s finally starting to get a bit chilly. We all head to the house that has the comfort food. Fill up on all of the soups and treats and spend time with our loved ones.

It’s the first of the holiday gatherings for us. The big ones sneak right up shortly after. 

Until next year my friends, maybe I will actually show the food! 

Yr Friend,

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