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I am reviewing the Geoffrey Rush movies as I bought them. Had I thought ahead I should have reviewed in the order that he performed? I only intended to buy some of his work, now I have this craving to have them ALL.

The Banger Sisters, I really like this movie its heart warming and sweet. I love Goldie Hawn & Susan Sarandon in this movie they are both excellent. Can I just say that Goldie Hawn is so hot in this movie!
We meet the beloved Geoffrey Rush as Harry Plumber as he exits a bus headed to Phoenix {if only he where really in AZ} complaining about flies doing it on the back of his hand. He comes off as eccentric and uptight. 

Harry Plumber;
“Disgusting! And there’s no excuse for it! Landed on the back of my hand and copulated. Two flies! On the back of my hand!”

“First one fly lands, then the second fly goes ZZzzzzzzzz. I started freaking, I mean they had sex on my skin”


Mr. Rush must have smashed his finger somewhere…

One bullet meant for one man. Anyone else see the similarity to another character Mr. Rush plays?

His face after Goldie makes the statement of “I don’t wear underwear” is hilarious. That neck pillow cracks me up. It is the perfect prop for his character.

“Adios Killer”


I love the noise or squeak that Mr. Rush makes when Goldie grabs him by his the robe. He has no idea how his little exhales or gasps for breaths have on the audience.

Backing up into the wardrobe like a cornered cat is one of my favorite things he does.


Mr. Rush;
“Where will you sleep?
“In your environment!”

One of very favorite lines is when Goldie is taking care of Susan’s daughter and she is sick. Goldie says, “Harry, you may never shit again!” 


After that you get to see Mr. Rush start to soften up a bit, and fall for Goldie’s character.

Did anyone notice the huge bead of sweat that rolls in Goldie’s eye when she’s in the bath tub? She is so in the zone, she barely blinks.

Can I have the job where you get to throw bubbles at Mr. Rush’s face?! That must have been FUN.


 No Peeking!

I absolutely love the scene where Mr. Rush is fussing with the ironing board and he drops it. Absolutely hilarious!

The bubbles still in his hair when he answers the door. Loving his miss buttoned shirt, nice touch.

The one love scene in the movie is between Mr. Rush and Goldie. Its brief and ends too soon if you ask me. 

I concentrate on the look in Mr. Rush’s eyes. But his neck area distracts me. Watch closely, am I seeing his Pulse? His heart beat on that major vein…



Mr. Rush to Goldie
“ I think you are my muse”
Guess what Mr. Rush - you are a muse to a lot of people.


Nice dance moves! 
Seriously I'm finding myself jealous of a phone here... .. .


Can I just say the snakeskin pants where not a good choice for Susan’s character.


Sleepy Mr. Rush

Last scene, where Mr. Rush makes the remark “he’s in here!” referring to his father, he is so intense. 

I imagine this and the following scene may have been difficult for him… .. .


That’s my review for The Banger Sisters.
Next up is Lantana!

See you next time,

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