Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday on the Farm

{Thursday December 23, 2010}

Had to work today, long day dragged on.
After work straight to family's house for dinner and a game of dominoes. Tapped out early and went home. Many people my age would be out drinking and partying, but not me. I went home and decided a hot bath would be more relaxing. I have a HUGE garden tub in my home and I use it mostly in the winter months. There is nothing more relaxing and soothing to the soul. Grab a book add some bubbles and it can be a revitalizing escape if you let it be.

{Friday December 24, 2010}

Rise and shine well rested. Off to families house again. Start with the best biscuits and gravy EVAR! Visited for a while, then off to a movie
(Little Fockers ~ Not as Good as the Other two)

Then back to families home for gift exchanges, two back to back. Oh and guess what, I got a new pair of scissors! No more Trauma Shears in my videos.

End that night with More Tamales & a White Russian my drink of choice during the holidays... .. .

{Friday December 25, 2010}

Meet with family at my favorite place, The Farm.
More food and catching up.

Then just spending time taking in the sights.

You can see why its my favorite place right? It is so peaceful out there.

Lots of birds, too.

and the sunset, Amazing ... .. .
Sticking around longer means you get to see the deer that come out in droves!

So my friends I will leave you with that.
No new video up this weekend, I am taking time off.

Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Holiday Season.

Your Friend,

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