Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tamales & Fury Vests


{Tamale Festival}

This weekend there was a tamale cook off near our town. Dragged lots of family out to sample the different was super crowded BUT the food made up for it. It was a nice adventure for the weekend...

And Yes I have made tamales before, in fact every year I help spread or mix the masa for them. Family gets together and makes a HUGE batch for Christmas. This year I think we made 30 dozen. We are not talking about the folded variety here either, we are talking about the ones that are tied off on the ends and resemble small torpedoes.

{Fury Vest}

Finally found a Fury Vest which is labeled a fashion trend this winter 2010. Have to admit I have no fur in my wardrobe and I do LOVE it. Just harder to pull off where I live when its usually in the triple digits.

I looked at F21 when I made my recent trip and had no luck. The only one they had was white and I thought I would look like The Abominable Snowman !?

Uploaded a new video to show an outfit idea. Trying to take something from the runway and wear it real-way without getting funny looks...

Watch Below

Tamale Photo Cutesy of Photo Bucket

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