Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forever 21 Haul & More

Well my Christmas shopping came early this year.

Check my find's here:

Started at one of my fav store where they where having some serious Starbucks cutbacks?!

{Mini Toffee Frap}

The Starbucks was handy out free samples in the morning was rather nice, needed the little sugar rush before starting a long day of shopping. I do like Christmas shopping but only early, cannot stand the crowds and traffic that gets worse as Christmas gets closer...

I have noticed that the drivers in my town have gotten progressively insane, pulling out too soon when they should have just waited, or passing a car and speeding past only to stop at the same light everyone else did....lets face it no one needs a wreck and especially Not this time of year.

Here's hoping that We all have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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