Sunday, October 9, 2011

Modern Pirate

Inspiration is what moves me, keeps me going. Lately my mind has only one thing on it... .. . 

I would think its obvious to someone who took the time to listen.

The Coat 
It's one of a kind. My father wanted to be a Pirate for Halloween one year when he was in high school. My Grandmother, being the seamstress whipped up the coolest costume for him. He won best dressed - I'd imagine, that Halloween.  The Pirate Coat then rested in a coat closet for years, until I came across it. I have held on to it for many years myself and finally decided to dust it off. This is one of the things I never got rid off during closet revamps & purges. It has too much sentimental value for me. So there you have it, its one of a kind, homemade, handcrafted & dare I say Vintage.

The Shoes
I bought about a year ago from Charlotte Russe for around $25. They where vintage inspired for sure. That's what caught my eye.

The Braclets
A mad mix of a Target Watch and tons of random bracelets piled on seems to be very in style & Pirate-y too me.

The Pants n Top
Well its the same Target black skinny pants making another appearance. Added a black tank to keep everything minimal and sleek.

So my friends I leave you with the latest YT vid to add to my collection. I know this "outfit" may not be the most wearable I have done but I felt that the Pirate Coat needed to be known. 

Until next time!


P.S. Yes, those are Captain Barbossa quotes... .. .

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