Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thrift Haul & Tips on How To Thrift Shop

Recently, I went to my local Salvation Army Store and they had their 50% off of everything in the store sale... .. .


I was asked by YT viewers, what are your tips for thrift shopping?  I decided to upload my haul video and throw in a few tips.

Tips on Thrift Shopping

1. Dress simply and light, leggings, tank and some flip flops is ideal. You don't want to be in the dressing room struggling with boots, jeans, a necklace & earrings do ya?

2. Take a small cross body bag / purse with just the essentials in it. Cash, card, ID and car keys.

3. Always go with plenty of time to spare 2-3 hours is ideal. You need time to hunt, and time to try things on. Don't go with someone who is inpatient.

4. Eat a light meal to give your some energy vs. a heavy breakfast or lunch. The Food Baby effect can be discouraging & make it hard to gauge what really fits.

5. Grab a basket - the hand held ones, take that and drop it on the floor next to your feet and dig into the racks

6. Keep a list of items you want or write them down. I want more blazers, pants, skirts, more purse's, etc.

7. Keep your eye open for your favorite colors or patterns. A lot of times its the color or the fabric pattern that catches my eye. What trends are you loving right now? That's a good question to ask yourself when searching.

8. Try it on, think outside of the box. If a skirt is too long you can hem it to make it more modern. Pants to short? They can become walking shorts or Capri shorts with a snip of the scissors. Add a belt, roll up the sleeves - Be Creative & Resourceful!

9. Take care of your treasures, I definitely recommend gentle cycle on the washer, a mild detergent and hang dry. The dryer fades colors, shrinks and damages fabric over time. If need be wash the items separately or with like colors. Anything super saturated with color should be turned inside out, we are talking about you Dark Wash Denim Jeans!

There you have it, those are my thrift shopping tips. 
Thrifting saves you money, re-uses already made materials, and allows you to be unique compared to the average girl covered in, H&M from head to toe. 

Check the video out and let me know what your thrift shopping tips are?

Until next time,


*I spent $16 dollars on everything purchased in the video

Outfit of the Day Post

Top & High waist-ed shorts bought at Pac Sun during their clearance sale, buy one get one free! 
Spent $20 for both items... .. .

Found the necklace at a local boutique for $2. Never be afraid to pop in a local store you never know what you will find. plus your supporting your local economy.

Boots found at Marshall's for a whopping $25!
 I LOVE them they look more expensive in person. Matter of fact when I was standing in line to buy them, a lady asked me where I found them in the store! She said they where gorgeous & she is so right.  I love the color a darker brown, but what really drew me to them was the gold buttons.

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