Sunday, November 6, 2011

DIY - How To Dye Fabric

As mentioned in the video this would be my 2nd adventure in dying fabric. This is an easy way to revamp a thrift shop find or breath new life into an existing item you have in your closet. Also you can save an old favorite shirt that has faded with time.

I found the Dylon fabric dye at Joann's my local fabric and craft store. Very similar to RIT dye except for the fact that you do not have to "cook" the item you have chosen to dye. 

Items you will need other then the dye and your project An old plastic bucket or trash can, something you can throw away if its ruined. An old bowl and spoon to mix the dye with. Salt and some latex gloves, plenty of time and water. 


Follow dye's directions and be very aware of the type of material you are attempting to dye. 100% polyester does not play well with this particular dye. This dye works very well with cotton.

The RULES of color apply, blue top + red dye = Purple.

This is a messy job, I would advise wearing old clothing while dying. Keep a couple of wet wash cloths close to wipe up any spills or drips immediately.


Once you have finished your project you should handle your newly dyed article of clothing, with care. Machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Wash alone for the first couple of washes to ensure that excess dye will not ruin other things. Hang to dry, but not in direct sunlight. The Dryer will fade the color of your garment quickly.

Watch the video for the full project breakdown: 

Outfit Details:
Top thrift-ed and dyed, fur vest bought at local boutique last year. Shorts with gold studs are from Forever 21, tights from Target, Boots from Payless recently. Jewelry from Forever 21 & local boutique.

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  1. That looks perfect! the hot pink against the fuzzy black vest you pulled it off wonderfully and you are more creative than I as I cant do any DIY stuff so clumsy.