Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY Accessories - How To Make A Casette Tape Wallet / Coin Purse

Starting with an old cassette tape we will make a wallet or coin purse out of it.

How you ask? Watch the video!


Newspaper is your friend and will make clean up a breeze. Add on your tabletops and floor to save them.

Try to find a cassette that is not clear, so you can avoid having to paint it like I did. If you have a clear cassette, spray paint or craft paint will work to make it solid.

Also try to find the cassettes that have small screws holding them together; these are a snap to take apart with a small screwdriver.


Make sure you buy a zipper that is long enough; it needs to cover three sides only! Take your cassette with you while you shop to insure a perfect fit.

You can pick whatever color of zipper and liner you want! Leopard liner would be PuRR-Fect!

Be VERY careful if you choose to work with a glue gun! It gets very HOT. If you choose to work with Goo Glue or A-6000 be careful not to glue yourself to the project.

Press down carefully on the fabric of the zipper, too much pressure and it will ooze everywhere too little and the fabric will not stick to the plastic.

Try your best not to get any glue in the tracks of the zipper! Otherwise you will be spending some time picking it all out!

Handle your wallet / coin purse with care. If it becomes loose re-glue it.

Until the next project my friends,