Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Week Worth of Outifts

So I had been thinking of an idea.

I had seen millions of people on You Tube doing "Outfits of The Day Videos" or "OOTD's" I was thinking about making a couple. But I thought that they would be super short and more trouble then anything.

I thought Why not "Outfits of the Week!?"

So I set up my camera last Saturday and recorded what I wore that weekend. During the week I continued this process. I found myself digging though my closet to find those stylish outfits that would inspire. That kept me going, because I am Not a morning person and would rather sleep that extra 30 mins...

Made a trip to Wal-Mart this week. Found this skirt for $5 on clearance, I am all about a deal when I see one. This originally had a tank top attached but I just tucked it down, will probably cut it off in the future to free up outfit opportunity's ...

Thank goodness Target has really come along way with the clothing they carry. I can walk in there and always find something great. This dress is actually a backless summer dress that ties up in the back {sexy} However I had to make it office appropriate before heading into work.

Last weekend me and the hubby headed to see a movie. I really wanted to see Easy A it looked funny, and IT was. Almost wore the Hat but thought that would look like I am trying too hard. the Steve Madden Shoes attract enough looks
and compliments from perfect strangers.

Watch the video for more.
All items are listed in the info bar for locations and prices.

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