Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning Breakfest

Sunday is usual my chore day.
Spent cleaning up things around the house, etc.
But in no hurry of course.
We started out the morning with an omelet that cheered us on.

5 ingredients Mushroom & Spinach Omelet

6 Eggs
Dash of Milk (Add to eggs until you get that lemony yellow color)
Frozen Spinach (was a little over a hand full after draining)
Cream Cheese (about four good sized spoon fulls)
Mushrooms (a good hand full - we over did it)
Start with cutting the mushrooms into small bite sized pieces. Warm them up in a small skillet.
Take frozen spinach out of bag and place in colander, rinse with tap water to defrost then squeeze excess water from it.
Combine Spinach and cream cheese in a bowl.
Beat eggs, add dash of milk.
Combine eggs and mushrooms in a larger skillet, cook through, then add the spinach and cream cheese, fold over. Cook long enough to make sure eggs are done.
Feel free to mix it up, add whatever produce is in season, or last nights leftovers :)

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  1. i love all ur blogs and ur outfits so pretty hope u follow back =]