Monday, July 4, 2011

DIY - Clutch Purse

The video that took me 6-7 times to upload and or render finally is posted. I lost HD for it but its so worth it. I was excited to work on this video and share the idea. One thing after another  kept going wrong and kept me from posting this up (for almost a month). I was very frustrated with:

My editing Software - Fail Roxio
You Tube - Upload Aborted or Failed
You Tube - The amount of TIME it takes to Upload a vid over 15 mins long.
My Computer - No memory ??? I have a separate hard drive for the vids!?!?
Internet Service - Timing Out / Re-Booting

The list was LONG as you can see, so I am Extremely Stocked that I finally get to share this video with you! & hopefully continue my normal routine of uploading a vid every week ...

I would recommend checking out your local stores for place mats, I would definitely check out thrift shops and even dollar stores for unique patters or materials. This project is cheap and easy, plus you can re-use something you may have just tossed or gotten rid of. At the same time you are increasing your wardrobes potential!!!

Happy DIY'ing 


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